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Big ideas live here.

in the wheelhouse

It's me! Hi. I'm Mary Wolske (that's wole-ski)

I've been working with clients across Canada to create impactful policy for over 20 years, and I love what I do.

I have a passion for big ideas, and I want my clients to love their ideas too! But let's face it - most of us aren't running think tanks. We need more than ideas - we need to know where we're going, how we'll get there, and why we're even going there at all...

Without a strategy, we are always reacting, and that's taxing on our resources. We start to create silos and overlapping processes, because we aren't seeing the whole picture. We lose the power of systems change, and we start to lose sight of the goal. Wait - did we have a goal?

That's where I come in.

A bit about me - I hold an M.A. in Leadership. I live on the Saanich Peninsula, and when I'm not spending time with my husband, three kids and two dogs, you’ll probably find me on horseback in the woods.

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how I help



I facilitate groups of all sizes, online, hybrid and in person.

I use intentional design and creative methods to help you to deliver a meeting, workshop or gathering that meets your objectives and honours the contributions of all participants.


Strategic planning doesn't have to be a slog! This is your chance to think big and imagine the future.

I'll guide your organization from ideation to concrete strategy, objectives setting, goals and action. You just have to be open to the possibilities, and I'll take care of the rest.

Meeting a client


Sometimes organizations come to me with sticky problems, or maybe they have exciting new ventures that they need some help planning.

And sometimes, my clients just know they need help but they can't quite describe the help they need. That's my job.

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strategic design? isn't it just strategic planning?

When done well, an organization's strategic plan provides direction, improves decision making, increases efficiency, enhances accountability and facilitates collaboration. But there are lots of reasons it can be hard to do strategic planning well. We're busy with day to day work, and that big picture thinking is difficult to prioritize. This leads to plans that are often lacking in substance.

Did we think of everything? Did we talk to everyone? Who knows?

Without intentional design to gather the right inputs, the strategic plan is at risk of leading an organization off course.

Do you need some advice about strategic design, or someone to just take on the process and make it great?


What could be?


Measure and improve

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What's going on?


Make that plan

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let's talk strategy

where is your organization feeling stuck? what's that big idea that needs some edges? where are you going next?

let's chat about how I can help you move your organization forward.

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